Chimney rebuilding and replace in Glenview

Masonry Contractor - Mason Master Shmid Inc.

Glenview Area - Custom Natural Stone Chimney/Fireplace Removal and Rebuild.

Customer originally replaced natural stone in fireplace over 10 years ago and used the removed stone to install a flower bed and pool in the backyard. After 10 years the customer had significant water damage.

Customer called masonry contractor Mason Master Shmid Inc. for a consultation on what their options were. Mason Master Shmid advised the customer that this is a very difficult brick type to match the existing brick. Mason Master Shmid. Inc decided to demolish chimney to the roofline and build new chimney from the roofline up to the same height with a new design as well as using the stone from the flower bed to match the front elevation of the house and match existing brick. Very difficult project due to the brick not having solid corners. Mason Master Shmid. Inc gave the customer the idea of installing 5 x 5 decoration limestone to cover the corners and the customer was very satisfied.

Mason Master Shmid. Inc also installed new masonry glue stick able flashing, new air vent and a new concrete cap at the top of the newly designed chimney using type-N mortar as well as new stainless steel drip edge, new water pockets with solvent all provided by Special Master Supply masonry product supplier.

MasterProtect H* high efficiency water sealer was also applied to the finished product to avoid any future water or moisture damage.

Mason Master Shmid. Inc also removed all debris resulting from the operations on the premises in a neat, and workmanlike manner.

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